10 Best Childrens Travel Luggage

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People who still carry baby’s bags around are really left behind. Today there are suitcases which are designed for young travelers. In fact, kids have a variety of child-centered luggage which the can choose to suit their traveling needs. Most of them come every size and shape possible. Older babies are also catered for because we have Smiggle Barrel Bag for older girls and SuitSuit BoomBox which has special features for teenage boys.

Best Childrens Travel Luggage

Therefore, this article will present to you the top ten best children’s luggage you can choose from when you want to buy one for your young one this season. They will enable you get value for your money because of their durability, practicality and the high level of satisfaction.

10. Suitsuit Boombox 20” Trolly luggage

Suitsuit Boombox luggage is designed in a way that it is able to withstand today’s travel. The wheels are strong enough to make wheeling around by the baby simple. The locking trolley has push buttons which control and enhance more height stops. It has a premium handle provide comfort when carrying. Little ones enjoy this type of luggage because it has pockets inside and packing straps. It is the most luxurious children’s luggage with a mesh lid compartment inside and two interlocking zip fastening to maintain the compartment.

9. Lassing 4Kids Trolly Suitcase

This type of suitcase is majorly used for making trips by kids at the beaches and at the trans-Atlantic areas. This brand of a case was introduced in Germany and later used all over the world. It is much convenient for people who travel frequently like the Europeans. This case is widely found in the market and kids can use it as it is has smart drawstring.

8. Trendy Kids Travel Buddies Lola Ladybug

The suitcase is appealing to the eye and it is original. It is also a two- piece and it is composed of an 18- inch hard-shell rolling suitcase and 13- inch backpack that matches it. It is a good type of children’s luggage because the handle adjustable for an adult’s use. Therefore an adult can assist to carry the luggage when your child gets tired.

7. Stephen Joseph ELP Airplane Rolling Luggage

This kind of children’s luggage is also called train or automobile suitcase. It is good and convenient suitcase because the child can easily get the items put in it. More so, it has a handle in front fitted with pockets on the side which can keep your child’ belongings secured. So, it is the best case to be used during vacations by your child.

6. Wildkin Rolling Duffle Bag.

Wildkin rolling duffle bag is preferred by most parents because of its attractive features. It can last for a long time while in use. Therefore available money can be diverted for other important purposes rather than buying a suitcase. It is also flexible thus enabling you to stuff easily on your way more than you can get into a suitcase. Without having to raise up or carry it, the young one can have a lot of room for souvenirs.

5. Trunki Tony the Taxi Ride On Suitcase

This type of children’s luggage differs from toddlers plus long airport security lines which is capable of protecting against any disaster that may arise. Most kids like this suitcase because they can hop on it. At the same time, they can seat right on their luggage in case of any delays during a journey. The kids can be assisted to pull it to the boarding gate by aid of a strap when they are tired.

4. Emoji Luggage

Emoji luggage enables your kid to wheel around at any time they want to undertake a fun adventure. Commonly, it is made with bright colors which are liked by many people. Emoji luggage is also made with a big and bold heart-eyes emoji hanging out at the front and on the center on the travel piece of the suitcase.

3. Hardshell Luggage 3D Robot

Hardshell luggage is suitable for both girls and boys. It has a lot of space and manageable for children to be maintained in a train, bus or even in the airport. While your baby is wheeling around this robot at the airport, there are smartphone cameras which are produced. You need to ensure that you kid won’t check this type of bag.

2. Skip Hop Zoo Kids Rolling Suitcase

This type of children luggage is designed to suit overnight trips and a carry-on with crayons and colouring books. It is also suited for flight entertainment and is widely used for this purpose. The strap is adjustable in that it can be used by children during day travel and parents can use it during the night. It is commonly known as mini monkey sized case because of its small size. It is also light weighted making it easy to carry around when travelling.

1.J World New York Lollipop Kids Bag

The J World Rolling Backpack is used by elementary children and it serves two purposes. It is applicable for travelling and it can be used as a school bag. During time of need, the straps can be rolled or carried as an ordinary backpack. This bag is popularly in use because a variety of luggage is carried. It has several pockets and can be used as lunch bag as well as light up wheels which the child can wheel around.


As I conclude, it is very crucial to note that when traveling with your family, you need to invest in kids luggage which is strong, reliable, durable and convenient to fulfill your traveling needs. The kids luggage must be able to transport all the children’s necessities in a bag that is sized and shaped correctly for their age and gender. They should also be easy to carry and come in special patterns and bright colors not only to be spotted easily but also for fun. Remember also to not that several bags come in special features such as luggage convertibility, special toy transport, ride ability and multiple exterior pockets. Therefore, it is really important to understand special features of each bag as well as their importance before deciding to buy one.

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