Best Suitcase For An 8 year Old Child

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There comes a time in everyone’s life, when we must travel for specific reasons, and when we are traveling we need to be sure that we have a good set of luggage that is going to keep our clothes organized and safe during our travels. Many times we will be traveling with a child, and many parents will try and pack their child’s clothes in their suitcases with their own.

However, there are several different types of luggage, that can be found in the market, that are perfect for children, who are 8 years old, to use. These suitcases have enough room for their clothing and other items that you might need to bring with them for the journey.

Best Suitcases For 8 year Olds

There are so many fun designs that kids can choose from for their suitcase, and this is one aspect of traveling that makes the long journey a bit more fun for them to enjoy. Any child will want to roll their own luggage behind them, like their parents do, and be able to show off a cute, modern, and fun design for those around to take pleasure in looking at.

So, when it comes to children’s luggage, there are a variety of different types of suitcases that can be chosen from, that is going to be able to hold your child’s clothes, and bring a bit of excitement for your child while you are heading out on your travels.

Rockland 20″ Hardside Spinner

The Rockland 20″ Hardside Spinner is a perfect suitcase for your child to use while traveling. It comes with a variety of designs that they can choose from and find the one that they love best, it is made of polycarbonate material, it brings a flare and style to your traveling, and it will also help you to identify your child’s suitcase when you are picking up your luggage.

There are many times when your luggage gets mishandled behind the scenes, however, the Rockland 20″ Hardside Spinner is incredibly durable and is able to protect your child’s possessions from any type of damage that could occur during travel. It is an easy suitcase for your child to maneuver and roll across the floor behind them, and it is designed with a very lightweight material, and this makes it easy for even the smallest child to be able to glide it along the floor.

These specific suitcases are able to be brought onto the plane as a carry on, therefore, you are even able to place your valuable inside of it, so they will be with you while you are making your way to your destination. There is so much that this suitcase can offer, and there are several beneficial aspects that it comes equipped with, and these include:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to identify and locate
  • 4 spinner wheels that are multi-directional
  • Ergonomic chrome handle
  • Internal handle and mesh pocket
  • 5 different colors and designs to choose from

Vision 20″ Hardside Rolling Carry On

The Vision 20″ Hardside Rolling Carry On suitcase is specifically designed with chrome telescoping material within the handle, it has wheels that are able to turn 360 degrees, has plenty of storage features that are included in it, it has a push button on the handle, and it is durable and secure, so you can be sure that your items and clothing is well protected. The designs that come with this specific type of suitcase, are quite a few and they are able to be used by children, and even teenagers with the unique designs.

As you pack your child’s suitcase, you can even pack a few of your items as well, and these items may be things that you might need during your journey, because this luggage can be used as a carry on bag. This is beneficial for you, as a parent, to be able to access your child’s items and possessions if it is needed during your travel. There are many different beneficial aspects that come equipped with this suitcase, and they include:

  • Designed with chrome telescoping material in the handle
  • Made of polycarbonate material, which is used in bullet proof glass, so your items are safe and secure
  • 360 degree spinning wheels that are multi-directional
  • A variety of designs to choose from
  • Can be used as a carry on

Olympia Kids 17″ Carry On Luggage

The Olympia Kids 17″ Carry On Luggage bag is a very good bag for a child to travel with. It has fun and unique designs, it is spacious inside for all of their possessions, and it is easy for the child to maneuver when they are rolling it across the ground. This suitcase is incredibly sturdy, so when a child is pulling it around they do not have to worry about it falling over as they are walking.

It gives them enough room for all of their clothes and items that they need to bring, plus has storage pockets for smaller items that they might need to take with them while they are traveling. The Olympia Kids carry on luggage bag is a perfect way to keep all possessions safe while traveling, and is a dependable and durable bag, so parents do not need to worry about them losing any of their items inside of it, if it happens to be mishandled on the way. There are many beneficial qualities of this specific piece of luggage, and these qualities include:

  • Retractable handle to pull the luggage
  • Top carrying handle
  • Textile lining
  • Zipper closure
  • 19″ high and 12″ wide
  • 100% polyester material


In conclusion, when it comes to traveling with a child, they are going to need a luggage bag just like you do. They will need something that is going to hold their clothing and items while keeping them safe, easy for the child to use when they are rolling around and walking, have plenty of storage pockets to hold other items that might be needed, durable so it can be trusted in strength, and have a unique design for them to choose from, so they are able to choose their own style.

These luggage bags that are listed above, are some of the most popular and highly recommended suitcases that any 8 year old would love to use while they are traveling.

Luggage is an important aspect of traveling, and without a bag that is able to be trusted in safety and durability, you won’t get very far. Choosing one of these suitcases above will give you exactly what you are needing and desiring to accomplish during travel time with your child.

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