Your Hand Luggage Check List for Babies when Flying

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As if flying wasn’t stressful enough, now you also have a baby to bring through all of the chaos. It’s important to pack everything that you will need, and they will need, without adding too much additional weight to carry. So packing strategically is a key.

Hand Luggage Checklist for Babies

Every baby is unique in their own way. Some babies need additional things, such as medicines, creams, or certain books or toys in order to fall asleep. So it’s important that you include those things as well. But today, we’ll cover the basics of what you need to make sure you don’t forget on your long way home.

1. Diapers – It may seem simple enough to remember, but in the rush of packing and moving things from one luggage to another to save space, it can get lost in the mix. And there aren’t any stores on an airplane, so you’re just out of luck. Packing diapers in your luggage is important.

But it’s also important to make sure you have some in your carry-on luggage in case there are any accidents that need to be taken care of before the plane lands. Make sure you have enough for the entire flight. If you’re flight is 14 hours, and then an overlay, etc. You want to make sure you have enough to last the entire flight, and some extras in case there are some unexpected occurrences.

2. Diaper Wipes, Wet Napkins, and Diaper Creme and Powder – This should be with the diapers, because you will need them.

3. Plastic Bags – There is a bathroom on an airplane, but everything is in a confined space. Keep the plastic bags to put all those dirty diapers in so everyone doesn’t get sick from the smell.

4. Changing Pad – You need something to change your baby’s diaper on, because you don’t just want to lay your child on something where countless strangers have touched it. That’s what this is for.

5. Baby Milk, and Baby Food – Just like you, your baby has to eat. But unlike you, there aren’t exactly any meals they can just order and be able to eat. So be sure to pack enough milk for them to drink and enough baby food for them to eat over the duration of the flight. If you’re flight is longer, you may want to pack a few bottles of water, to be able to mix formula together only when it’s time to eat, so the milk doesn’t spoil.

Make sure that you also pack spoons, and napkins, and a variety of food. You don’t want to have a hard time feeding the baby on such a hectic day. Bring enough for the baby to eat multiple times on the flight, and also in the terminal when you get off. It may be a while before you get to where you can sit them down and feed them, or be able to plunder through your luggage and find the rest of the food. So make sure there’s enough food and formula for the flight and after.

6. Bottles and Pacifiers – These are one of the most important. Sometimes your baby may cry and cry until they have a pacifier in their mouth. If you forget to bring some, then that’s just it. Your baby will cry the entire flight and the rest of the passengers will give you angry stares.

Likewise, without a bottle, or a few extra, you may find yourself in a sticky situation if one of them with milk in it gets curdled and you don’t have a back up. Make sure to pack the bottle and pacifier you normally use, and a few extra in case those get lost, dropped, or dirty.

7. A blanket and Change of Clothes – Everyone knows that babies throw up. So if you’re baby throws up on itself on a flight, you don’t want to leave it sitting in dirty clothes and smelling bad. So bring a few extra pairs to change it into, and something to put on it in case it gets too hot. The blanket of course is for in case the baby gets too cold. This way your baby stays at the right temperature and won’t be uncomfortable over the duration of the flight.

Now you have a list of everything you will need for your baby. So make sure these are in your carry-ons!

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