Is My Luggage Good Enough for a Long Haul Flight?

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When it comes to long haul flights, many people worry that their travel luggage isn’t strong enough for the rigours of the trip and the stresses of being loaded and unloaded onto the plane. There are however, a few tips to remember to help you assess if your luggage is up to the task or if an investment in new luggage is needed.

Luggage Flight Weights & Sizes

There are two main types of luggage for both adult and children’s luggage – hard sided and fabric. Both have their pros and cons for any type of trip. For example, fabric luggage can become damp and stained by moisture it comes into contact with while hard-sided luggage can become dented or scratched due to rough handling.

With fabric luggage, first look at the denier of the fabric used. This will tell you how tough the material will be and how durable the luggage is. Water resistant materials are used on some fabric suitcases while other may have a stain repellent covering. Even an interior coating that will protect your clothing inside can help.

Hard-sided luggage is generally heavier than fabric luggage but is ideal if you are carrying expensive equipment such as cameras or computers that could easily be damaged. Look for ones that are heat and stain resistant to ensure that the outer material is as tough possible as well as being scratch resistant.

The frame is the heart of a piece of luggage and many manufacturers use either polycarbonate or honeycomb on their frames. Plastic or metal can also be used but tend to be weaker and more liable to crack or shatter.

If you are taking your kids on holiday then a really fun (and practical) idea can be to invest in children’s luggage. There is so much of this on the market, so there is something to suit everyone

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