Luggage Flight Weights & Sizes

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When it comes to sorting your luggage for the flight, there are lots of weights and numbers to take into consideration. But one of the most confusing things can be what are all these different types of luggage? So here is a quick guide.

Children’s luggage has developed into a category of its own with more kids wanting their own stylish and appropriately sized bags and suitcases. Most airlines give a baggage allowance for children so this means they can pack a few of their favourites into their own case. Children’s luggage tends to be a miniature version of adult luggage themed in favourite kids characters or cute animals.

Folding bags are often taken out to the destination flat packed into a bigger case to be unfolded on the return journey for those extras that had to be purchased while away.

Holdalls are the small size of bag, often the type used for a weekend trip. They are lightweight and easy to carry, often having two handles on the top and even wheels and a longer handle on either side. They tend to have a number of interior and exterior compartment for easy organisation.

Luggage sets are the simplest way to get a series of coordinating cases and often some in both hard and soft finishes. These can range from the very largest cases to ones suitable for kids travel luggage and often with smaller bags to go inside and organise toiletries and other small items. Watch out for the ones that have telescopic handles and wheels, as these are easier to move around a crowded airport than those without them.

Make sure you shop around to see what is available. That way you can make sure that whatever type of luggage or childrens suitcase you buy, it’s going to be a good match for your needs.

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