Teaching Kids to Pack their Luggage

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When your kids reach a certain age, it is a good idea to start learning them to pack their own cases for the holidays. That’s not to say that you should let the kids actually do the packing just yet but if you can teach them how to pack, then they will get good habits preparing for a holiday.

Buy Them Their Own Children’s Luggage Set
Firstly, set out their luggage. Kids’ luggage is often a smaller version of adult luggage with a few embellishments to appeal to the younger generation or it may be a smaller part of your suitcase set that you allocate to them. By having the case in front of them, they realise that absolutely everything will not fit into it.

Make A Plan
A good suggestion to help kids think about what is needed for the trip is to write a list of what is needed for each day along with a list of general items such as pyjamas, underwear and toiletries. This lets them prioritise what they need and see what items will do more than one day or use.

Get Organised
Once they know what they want, lay it all out in piles on the bed so they can see what will fit into the case. You may have a few battles about what is taken and the best thing to do is to help them understand why they can’t take all five of their favourite cuddly toys – the airplane only has so much room and there are lots of other people on it in addition to your family!

Keeping them involved in the whole packing process helps to keep them interested. Get them to pick items that they want and even some items to play with for the journey.

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