Top Tips on Flying with a Baby

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Taking your baby on his or her first flight can be a cause of apprehension for many parents but with the right preparation then you will have as many of the variables covered for the journey as possible. Before booking the ticket, always check if the airline has a minimum age for babies to fly – most is 14 days while others add that a newborn must have a GP’s note to say they can fly. With premature babies, this date is counted from their due date, not the date they were born.

Your baby needs both their own passport and their own ticket, even if they don’t have their own seat. If you fly on a plane where you can’t book your seats, get in quickly on the day and aim to sit on an aisle seat or in a bulkhead row. Babies under two years old will travel on your lap using a special extension seat belt that cabin crew will show you how to use.

Most airlines give a baggage allowance for a baby, aware that despite their size they still have plenty that need to be taken with them. This means you can invest in some kids’ luggage to store all of their essentials in. Check with your airline for their specifics, though many allow around 10kg

Remember the rules about carrying liquids on planes – normally you cannot carry more than 100ml of baby lotion or nappy cream and these need to be in a clear bag. These rules don’t apply to food or milk however.

It is well worth investing in some children’s luggage for when your baby gets a bit older. This allows them to carry their own goods and feel very important. When you do look at buying children’s suitcases you’ll find that they come in all manner of designs, which helps to ensure that there is something for everyone.

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