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Who ever said that luggage has to be boring, even for kids? Who ever said that getting to a destination can’t be fun, even for kids? Adults can buy luggage that fulfills every possible need they could have. Why can’t kids? The answer to all these questions is Trunki Suitcases, one of the first, and quite possibly the baggage that’s the most fun for kids ever created. I know since I have three grandsons, each of whom has a Trunki Suitcase.

My Trunki Suitcases Review

Interestingly enough, I knew that Trunki suitcases would be a hit with my grandsons the first time I saw them. My wife, their grandmother, bought the suitcases for the boys, and although I am usually the skeptic, I knew that they were something the boys would have great fun with. Not only thatbut since one of the main features of Trunki suitcases is that kids can ride of them while they are being pulled, they were good for adults as well. Since this is a review, let me tell you about everything we have found is good about Trunki suitcases.

Size and Space

No piece of luggage is worth its salt if it isn’t big enough and built so that it can hold all of your possessions. That describes Truckisuitcases to a T. It’s small enough that the airlines consider it a carryon, but it’s generous enough with space that all of your kid’s things fit in it nicely. And inside there are special compartments that will hold all of your kid’s possessions like dolls and sock monkeys safely and securely.

Trunki ride on suitcase

Easy to Pull Around

One of the big drawbacks of a piece of luggage, especially as far as a kid is concerned, is that it’s not built for a kid to carry or even to pull, even if there are wheels. Trunki suitcases are different. They are built to be pulled upright, on four wheels, and with a lead that is easy for a kid to reach and pull. The lead strap is also adjustable, so you can change the length for when a kid wants to pull it, and make it longer for when you want to pull it.

Ride ‘Em

Riding suitcases are getting to the point where they are no big deal. Fortunately, with a Trunki Suitcase, riding them is an entirely different experience. Not only can a child ride them but they are stable and won’t easily turn over. Further, each Trunki Suitcase has two horns on the front that allow the child to hold on to them, making them easier and safer to ride.

Another benefit of a Trunki Suitcase is that it gives kids a place to sit down, even when they aren’t moving. When was the last time you needed to have your child sit somewhere when you attended to business? Did there happen to be a chair handy? Probably not. With a Trunki Suitcase, there’s always a place to sit, right on top.

Who Needs a Stroller?

If you are like my family, chances are good that you don’t always want to take a stroller with you, but if you don’t, there isn’t always one available. Trunki Suitcases solves that problem with a way to take your child virtually anywhere you want it to. Further, with a Trunki Suitcase, you don’t need to be concerned about having both a stroller and a suitcase for your child’s things. With a Trunki Suitcase, you have both a stroller and a suitcase in one.

Trunki Suitcases are Fun

Want variety? There’s nothing like the choice you get when you have a Trunki Suitcase. Not only do Trunki Suitcases come in a variety of colors, but they are themed differently to give each of your children a choice of the best style for them. And each style comes with different colors and designs as well. Pick the one that your child likes most. Here are just a few:

  • Benny the Cat Trunki. Benny is gray with white accents, complete with whiskers.
  • Bernard Bee. Looking for a reason to buzz through the airport. Bernard Bee will help you do it with his bright yellow and black markings.
  • Zimba the Zebra. This one is colored just like a zebra.
  • Bronco the Horse. Perfect for the little bucking broncos in your house, Bronco the Horse is brown and with a black tail. There’s even a saddle printed on the top and sides.
  • Hello Kitty Trunki. Built with the popular Hello Kitty theme and accents.

Other Features

Trunki suitcases are full of all sorts of fun and useful features that make them perfect for kids as well as adults. Take, for example, the handles that are on the top of each Trunki Suitcase, which makes them easy to pick up once it’s time to manage it on an airplane or other space. There’s also a shoulder strap for when carrying it that way is the best option.

Trunki Suitcases are also constructed of hard plastic that makes them durable in practically any situation. That’s doesn’t mean that they aren’t delicate when it comes to little fingers, though. The edge of each suitcase is covered with a line of rubber which makes pinches almost impossible.

There are stabilizing straps inside each Trunki Suitcase, which makes sure that anything inside doesn’t fall out when it’s time to open up your luggage. And speaking of security, there’s also a lock on the outside that keeps others out.

The Verdict

My grandsons and I love Trunki Suitcases. If you prescribe to that old idea that it should be a crime to bore a kid, you’ll be doing yourself and your children a service by getting Trunki Suitcases for all of the reasons listed above. Trunki Suitcases are well made so they serve all of the purposes you could possibly want in a piece of luggage, but even better than that, Trunki Suitcases made traveling for kids a lot more fun. What could be a better reason for buying a piece of luggage.

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