Why Buy Children’s Luggage?

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Sure, they are cute, novel and the kids will love them but is there a practical reason for buying kids luggage when they can either share yours or have a miniature version from the set you have in the house? According to child experts, there are actually are some solid reasons why providing them with their own kids travel luggage is a good idea. Here are a few suggestions:

The grown up factor – kids like to feel like little adults and by providing them with their own suitcase, they get this feeling. It makes them feel more responsible too as they have to look after their suitcase and if it has a cute factor to it or features their favourite character, this responsible feeling will be enhanced.

Being involved – by mirroring your actions (with a little adult assistance) and packing their own bag for the trip, they will feel more involved in the whole process. Rather than simply playing with their toys while you race around packing, start them getting prepared for the trip and building up the excitement by getting their own bag ready.

Keeping them occupied – as part of the former point, preparing their bag also helps keep them occupied if they are getting a little bit too excited about the trip. Plus while waiting around in the airport, many kids love to walk around with their suitcase in tow, pretending to be a small adult.

Use your allowance – finally, most airlines allow luggage for children and give them their allowance so you can use their luggage to carry their own items for the trip and leave yourself more room in your case for those extra outfits you really wanted to take!

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